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Meet Our Team

Over 30 Years Experience Breeding German Shepherd Dogs

Linda Smith

Linda has devoted her life to the improvement of the German Shepherd dog. In 1987 she chose to become a dedicated and passionate Breeder.  Today she works tirelessly to improve her dogs, devoted doesn’t even begin to describe her. She is so happy to be able to show, breed and love these incredible animals. She thanks her many mentors and friends for where Vom Dortmunder German Shepherds is today.

Les Smith

Les is just as devoted to Team Dortmunder as Linda is. That’s why they make a wonderful married team. He works incredibly hard assisting with the socialization, welfare and health of all the Dortmunder dogs by taking them out on geo-caching hikes around the beautiful Colorado Mountains and is often up late helping prepare dogs for competitions. He’s always there for Team Dortmunder.

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