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We love to hear from our German Shepherd Dog families.

Below is feedback we’ve received from our German Shepherd puppy families.

Uriel Angel vom Dortmunder (a.k.a Angel)

Sire: V Hoss v Bullinger SchH3 Kkl 1  Dam: V Madonna v Bullinger SchH1 Kkl 

On Angel’s first night in his new home, he went out to potty once. From his second night on, he slept straight through, from about 10 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. Amazing puppy! We think Angel is the best puppy we’ve ever had — and we’ve had German Shepherds from puppyhood for the past 37 years. Of course it helps that I’m a professional dog trainer and behavior consultant. I do know puppies and this little boy is exceptional. We did some heavy-duty socialization — i.e., taking him to many new places, to meet many new people, and to interact with many new dogs — right from the start. That plus his own genetic makeup and temperament have produced a puppy who loves people and other dogs. He’s healthy, athletic, sociable, cuddly, smart, and, most important, a happy boy with a positive outlook on life. At 16 weeks, he started his brilliant herding career on ducks and then, after just one session, on sheep. He’s a natural and we’re going to have lots of fun!

 –D. Weinberg

Isolde v Baerental (a.k.a. Charlie)

Sire: V Hoss v Bullinger SchH3 Kkl 1   Dam: V Eletta di Fossombrone SchH1 Kk1

Our Charlie, or Isolde from the “I litter”, has been home with us for 2 weeks now.  She has totally charmed us with her personality and courage.  This little girl is afraid of nothing and into everything, yet she is already loyal to us.  She doesn’t like it when someone leaves the room without her along tagging.  She is smart. She comes when called, is  already getting the hang of doing her business outside, and is showing the boy dogs in our family who is the boss.

Linda said that she would help us pick the best dog for our family, and she certainly did!  Charlie is the perfect fit for our busy family.  Linda’s knowledge and follow-up with all of our questions has assured us that we have chosen the right breeder for our new family member.  We are so looking forward to our girl keeping us laughing while she grows up healthy and strong, and discovers the world.

–P. Alexander

Farrah vom Dortmunder ( a.k.a Riley)

Sire: Zyno v Bullinger Dam: Luna v Bullinger

”What a dog!! We were very thorough in our search for a German Shepherd and had a hard time finding breeders whose standards were up to par. Linda was referred to us by another GSD breeder in Colorado and boy did she know her stuff. When we went to visit our soon to be pup Linda showed us the facility, all the paperwork and everything else you can possibly imagine. Even after we took Riley home we took her to weekly Schutzhund training with Linda. Riley goes everywhere with us…swimming, hiking, skiing, horse back riding…. you name it she loves it! At 6 years old, Riley is a wonderful, loyal, energetic and loving part of our family.”

–K. Domer

Paco vom Dortmunder (a.k.a Bo)

Sire: V Hoss v Bullinger SchH3 Kkl 1  Dam: SG Eletta di Fossombrone SchH1 Kkl 1

I just wanted to let you know that Bo is doing great.  He is a very energetic, intelligent, and loving dog; he loves people and he loves playing with other dogs.  He has brought so much joy into our lives, and we could not have asked for a better dog.  Everyone he meets falls in love with him immediately.  He is growing very fast and he is learning very quickly.  We have him in obedience training and the trainer is impressed with how quickly he is learning, especially for such a young puppy.  Thank you for everything!”

– J. Rouse

Chance vom Dortmunder

Chance has been a challenge to raise as he is very willful, but I learned to take the journey with him …He is so-o-o intelligent, I barely have to show him a new command before he’s got it. We are a team and enjoy long hikes and most of all playing chase the ball. He is a wonderful watch dog and is always near me or my husband. I have attached some pictures of Chance at 13 mos. He takes after his father~Hoss~he’s a handsome devil~:). Thought you might want to follow the development of one of your pups.”

–K. Mansur

We Love To Hear From Our Puppy Families About How Things Are Going