Ulysses “Lothar” vom Dortmunder in “The Brave”

We are very proud to pass on some news of one of our puppies! Ulysses “Lothar” vom Dortmunder was in a movie a few weeks ago. In the television movie series, “The Brave,” Lothar played the part of an Iranian Republican Guard’s bomb sniffing dog. With 120 other people, they were on set for twelve hours. They shot at night with no fences and an actor was the person appearing with Lothar.

Lothar’s owner was the production’s “animal wrangler” for the day. There was quite a bit of action (with gun fire.). People were actually lining up to pet the Lote.

Lothar is also trained and fully registered as a United States Service Animal. He goes to all his owner’s (an attorney) Civil Court Trials and Lothar can fly with his owner (in the seat next to him) to anywhere in the world.