German Shepherd owner reviews

VDGS views every puppy or dog from our kennel as a family member. A family member that comes from our hearts to yours. A Dortmunder puppy is a labor of love and we’d love to hear some updates on your fantastic dogs. We’re proud that VDGS dogs find their perfect family with you. We proud to provide high quality service, protection, competition, and family dogs to you! Our German Shepherd puppies and dogs are not run of the mill, they are leaders of the pack! They come with over two decades of experience, education, and flat out hard work behind them and we want to know how much you love your dog!

Not sure what to write? Here’s a great example!

 240361_209637952407930_170314119673647_553905_6216239_oWhat a dog!! We were very thorough in our search for a German Shepherd and had a hard time finding breeders whose standards were up to par. Linda was referred to us by another GSD breeder in Colorado and boy did she know her stuff. When we went to visit our soon to be pup Linda showed us the facility, all the paperwork and everything else you can possibly imagine. Even after we took Riley home we took her to weekly Schutzhund training with Linda. Riley goes everywhere with us…swimming, hiking, skiing, horse back riding…. you name it she loves it! At 6 years old, Riley is a wonderful, loyal, energetic and loving part of our family.”



For more examples please visit our Testimonials page. We thank you for making our work with German Shepherds so rewarding. By providing you with the best German shepherd puppy, we better this breed and our lives.

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