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German Shepherd owner reviews

VDGS views every puppy or dog from our kennel as a family member. A family member that comes from our hearts to yours. A Dortmunder puppy is a labor of love and we’d love to hear some updates on your fantastic dogs. We’re proud that VDGS dogs find their perfect family with you. We proud to provide high quality service, protection, competition, and family dogs to you! Our German Shepherd puppies and dogs are not run of the mill, they are leaders of the pack! They come with over two decades of experience, education, and flat out hard work behind them and we want to know how much you love your dog!

Not sure what to write? Here’s a great example!

 240361_209637952407930_170314119673647_553905_6216239_oWhat a dog!! We were very thorough in our search for a German Shepherd and had a hard time finding breeders whose standards were up to par. Linda was referred to us by another GSD breeder in Colorado and boy did she know her stuff. When we went to visit our soon to be pup Linda showed us the facility, all the paperwork and everything else you can possibly imagine. Even after we took Riley home we took her to weekly Schutzhund training with Linda. Riley goes everywhere with us…swimming, hiking, skiing, horse back riding…. you name it she loves it! At 6 years old, Riley is a wonderful, loyal, energetic and loving part of our family.”



For more examples please visit our Testimonials page. We thank you for making our work with German Shepherds so rewarding. By providing you with the best German shepherd puppy, we better this breed and our lives.

Please send a recent picture and a testimonial about your furry family member and experience of Team Dortmunder to kassieATdortmundergsdDOTcom

Good news from Canada


Yesterday Hoss v Bullinger was awarded his Breed Survey for Life!

“The breed survey is the ultimate instrument used as the selection method for the German Shepherd Dog Breed. It is absolutely necessary for the preservation and advancement of this breed. Originally developed in Germany for their domestic stock, in 1922 the breed survey also became the tool used as a resource for breeding the German Shepherd Dog.  Simply explained, German Shepherd Dogs need a certificate for reproduction.

This certificate is issued by our organization which follows a special procedure where the breed survey judge evaluates the dog’s temperament in different stimulus situations. The dog must always demonstrate a friendly and self-confident character and in any situation, must show control even when in confrontation with its own natural instincts.

For more information on What a Breed Survey means and why they are important please visit the United Schutzhund Clubs of America’s site.

Today Emster v Bullinger and Hoss both passed their bitework portion and will show later today. We are so proud of our dogs and grateful for all the help and assistance we’ve received from trainers, helpers, and friends.


Germany trip 2012

Linda has returned from Germany! She had a great time and was very busy! We’ve acquired a new female by  VA9 Lennox von Regina Pacis .She is 12 weeks old and her father is pictured below. His survey said this about him:

“… Very, big, strong and full-bodied, dry, firm, very well pigmented, built in very good proportion. Very strong head, expressive mask, dark eyes and ears fixed. High and long withers, very harmonious top and bottom line, very good location and length of the croup. Very good angulations in front and rear, balanced chest proportions, straight front. Front and back stepping, he shows with correct step…very liquid and solid hocks, ground covering gait, powerful supply and free precedence. Very safe being, TBS pronounced…”

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Names and Titles 101

Ever wonder why  the registered name of a dog is so long? or what the letter combinations mean before and after their names? Let us break down V Hoss v Bullinger SchH3 Kkl 1  a.k.a “Hoss” for an example:

V= Vorzuglich -Excellent show or performance rating – dog must minimally have a SchH 1 title

Hoss=This is his given name. The one given to him by the breeder and his registered name. How do we decide what to name them? We just assign each breeding a letter of the alphabet and all the puppies from that litter will have a name that starts with that letter. 

v Bullinger= the breeding program from which the dog came. All our dogs that were born here will have  “Vom Dortmunder” after their registered name

SchH3= SchH I, II, III  Schutzhund  Obedience, tracking, and protection titles. Sch III is the highest rank a dog can receive and this achievement can be repeated. 

Kkl 1= Koerklasse I-  Especially recommended for breeding.

a.k.a= Also Known As- Whatever name follows this acronym is their ‘house’ name. It’s what we call them at home!


Here are some more German Titles and ratings that you will see in our dogs.

The VA titles are earned  Seiger shows and V ratings are earned at local Schutzhund club shows. If you’d like to know more about this show, follow this link. The Sch titles are earned at Shutzhund trials. If you’d like to know more about these trials, follow this link The KKL titles are earned at Breed Survey. If you’d like to know more about this survey, follow this link

SG -Sehr Gut -Very Good show or performance rating; The maximum rating any dog can have without a Schutzhund title;  highest rating obtainable by dogs under 2 years old or at USA SchH shows

KKL I- Koerklasse I -Especially recommended for breeding

KKL II-  Koerklasse II -Suitable for breeding

V  -Vorzuglich -Excellent show or performance rating – dog must minimally have a SchH 1 title

VA – Vorzuglich-Auslese -Excellent Select show rating at Sieger show; highest award obtainable by a German show dog;  can only be awarded to an outstanding conformation dog with at least a SchH 2 title; typically awarded to 12-15 dogs and bitches each year

Want to see more titles? Go here. Also VDGS will be at the 2012 Sieger show. Will you?!


German Shepherd History

The following are sections from The official German Shepherd resource guide(ToGSrg). A nice compilation of information put together by a breed enthusiast.The additional links in the selected paragraph point to other nice articles put together by ToGSrg, feel free to follow them. We, of course, encourage you to do your own research into this fantastic breed but we liked the concise work on this site. Hopefully it will be a door for you dear readers and customers, into the wonderful world of the German Shepherd dog!

“The German Shepherd, also known as the Alsatian in England, is one of the most popular dogs for pet owners today. Its versatility – for the German Shepherd can be at once a fearsome, brave hunter and a loveable, mild-mannered companion – has made it a valuable breed of pet, known not only for its loyalty and strength but also for its keen intelligence and its capacity to form strong emotional attachments to its owner. The figure of the prototypical German Shepherd – with its sleek coat, pointed nose, and coffee-brown and black fur – is a relatively new one upon the world stage. While many dog breeds date back centuries or more, the German Shepherd as we know it today is the result of a concentrated effort to create the “ideal” shepherd dog – rooted in the nineteenth-century efforts of canine husbandry.”

“Originally bred as a work dog, the German Shepherd maintains many traits based in that original function – by and large, the German Shepherd is an excellent dog to have around; it is reliable, independent yet loyal, keenly intelligent, and perhaps most prominently, a hard worker – a dog that can be trusted to be a hardy family protector and a trustworthy companion all at once. That said, character depends a great deal on breeding. A German Shepherd obtained from “puppy mills” or from unethical or disreputable breeders may unfortunately be less pleasant in temperament than those that are bred lovingly with attention and care.”