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german dog breeds

April 15, 2012


Just a couple pictures of Ms. Pandora vom Dortmunder we wanted to share. Her ears are perking up nicely now and she’s a bundle of energy as all good puppies should be! Pandora is a 2012 puppy from SG Eletta di Fossombrone SchH1 Kkl 1and V Hoss v Bullinger SchH3 Kkl 1 from the January…   Continue

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March 19, 2012

Naming the “Q” litter

Sometimes naming litters is not all fun and games. It seems English lacks several Q words that aren’t related to math and make decent puppy names. So we turned to J.K Rowling’s Wizarding world of Harry Potter for our “Q” puppy names. For the boys we have Quidditch Quirell Quibbler For the girl we have:(not…   Continue

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March 16, 2012

German Shepherd History

The following are sections from The official German Shepherd resource guide(ToGSrg). A nice compilation of information put together by a breed enthusiast.The additional links in the selected paragraph point to other nice articles put together by ToGSrg, feel free to follow them. We, of course, encourage you to do your own research into this fantastic…   Continue

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