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July 28, 2013

Good news from Canada


Yesterday Hoss v Bullinger was awarded his Breed Survey for Life!

“The breed survey is the ultimate instrument used as the selection method for the German Shepherd Dog Breed. It is absolutely necessary for the preservation and advancement of this breed. Originally developed in Germany for their domestic stock, in 1922 the breed survey also became the tool used as a resource for breeding the German Shepherd Dog.  Simply explained, German Shepherd Dogs need a certificate for reproduction.

This certificate is issued by our organization which follows a special procedure where the breed survey judge evaluates the dog’s temperament in different stimulus situations. The dog must always demonstrate a friendly and self-confident character and in any situation, must show control even when in confrontation with its own natural instincts.

For more information on What a Breed Survey means and why they are important please visit the United Schutzhund Clubs of America’s site.

Today Emster v Bullinger and Hoss both passed their bitework portion and will show later today. We are so proud of our dogs and grateful for all the help and assistance we’ve received from trainers, helpers, and friends.