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March 16, 2012

German Shepherd History

The following are sections from The official German Shepherd resource guide(ToGSrg). A nice compilation of information put together by a breed enthusiast.The additional links in the selected paragraph point to other nice articles put together by ToGSrg, feel free to follow them. We, of course, encourage you to do your own research into this fantastic breed but we liked the concise work on this site. Hopefully it will be a door for you dear readers and customers, into the wonderful world of the German Shepherd dog!

“The German Shepherd, also known as the Alsatian in England, is one of the most popular dogs for pet owners today. Its versatility – for the German Shepherd can be at once a fearsome, brave hunter and a loveable, mild-mannered companion – has made it a valuable breed of pet, known not only for its loyalty and strength but also for its keen intelligence and its capacity to form strong emotional attachments to its owner. The figure of the prototypical German Shepherd – with its sleek coat, pointed nose, and coffee-brown and black fur – is a relatively new one upon the world stage. While many dog breeds date back centuries or more, the German Shepherd as we know it today is the result of a concentrated effort to create the “ideal” shepherd dog – rooted in the nineteenth-century efforts of canine husbandry.”

“Originally bred as a work dog, the German Shepherd maintains many traits based in that original function – by and large, the German Shepherd is an excellent dog to have around; it is reliable, independent yet loyal, keenly intelligent, and perhaps most prominently, a hard worker – a dog that can be trusted to be a hardy family protector and a trustworthy companion all at once. That said, character depends a great deal on breeding. A German Shepherd obtained from “puppy mills” or from unethical or disreputable breeders may unfortunately be less pleasant in temperament than those that are bred lovingly with attention and care.”