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March 1, 2012

Co-owned puppies still avilable.

Eletta (Voxi) is co-owned by Baerental German Shepherds and they love her as much as we do! There is a planned breeding for later this year with Voxi and a Baerental male so stay tuned.

Please visit their site for available puppies and get to know our partner breeders. Notice we are all small operations, with the health of our German Shepherds being the most important factor to us. We never breed for profit and it shows in the superior temperament and structure of our dogs.

“All of Baerental German Shepherds’ dogs are bred from the very best West German show lines. They are chosen for their soundness of character, willingness to please, and intelligence, as well as for their structure and health. They take correction well and enjoy all three phases of schutzhund work – tracking, obedience and protection. We’re committed to breeding dogs whose temperament and beauty allow them to perform in the show ring, in any dog sport, work as service dogs or detection dogs, and especially to be great family companions.

We also provide custom importing with references on request. Our 28 years of experience training and breeding German Shepherds, along with the experience of our German partners, gives us the background to help our clients reach whatever goals they have with their German Shepherd Dog.”