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May 18, 2012

2012 UScA Sieger show

** HERE are the official 2012 UScA Sieger show results**
So roughly 1,000 miles and an all night drive finds us in Indiana at the Sieger show! It doesn’t seem like the dogs really noticed, which is great.

The German Park in southern Indianapolis is hosting the Sieger show this year. Generally it hosts soccer teams and a small German restaurant but now it’s green fields are covered with great examples of the West German showline’s  dogs of all ages.

Nobody really got much sleep on the VDGS team (except the dogs) but we got to work right away when we arrived at the field around 7 a.m. We have done some catching up and visiting with friends from across the world but practice was forefront on our minds.We had a late night preparing for the show today with an evening bathing of Errol and good raw meal for all the dogs.


An early morning found the VDGS team at the field watching the opening ceremony and the classes ahead of ours. Errol had the first class around 10 am. We did as well as we could and got some very nice compliments from judges and other competitors about what a nice dog Errol is but fate ended us in 5th place. We learned a lot.

Everyone had a fantastic time and being able to see the other dogs succeed was a great education for everyone. We love our dogs and the great attitudes they have.